Sabtu, Disember 09, 2006

Densha Otoko

Densha Otoko

I've just watched this J-Drama and I found it kinda interesting where it kinda reflects a bit of my life, is it? Its a love story between an Otaku and one beautiful girl. So, what its all about?

A true love story turned to bestselling novel, created from the Internet BBS, 2channel to blockbuster hit movie. Itoh Misaki plays Aoyama Saori, working as an office lady at a MNC, gets into trouble with a drunkard on a train. She's saved by Yamada Tsuyoshi, played by Itoh Atsushi. As a form of appreciation, she sends him Hermes teacups. Having no experience with the opposite sex, Tsuyoshi decides to ask for help on the Aladdin Channel BBS on how to interact with Saori.

I watched this drama because my sister was watching it at home. But since I'm quite busy during the break, I only manage to watch during my first busy week.

Why did I say it reflects a bit of my life? Well, I'm not gonna say that I'm an Otaku. I even don't have any Anime series in my PC. I never download any of them. Okay. To be honest, I only watch Anime that my sisters watch. Currently she's watching Emma on Animax. Its just about sharing the same interest so that I can be a good brother. Am I?

By the way, my friends do love watching Anime. I think its kinda addictive once you watch the anime right from the first episode. Besides beautiful and cute characters.. hmm.. OK.. that's just a bit about anime. Back to the drama.

Another thing that reflect my life is the cyber life. Yeah.. even though I'm not into any forums right now, but seriously I'm using YM to chat with my friends besides sharing my problems with them too.

One thing that's totally different is my social life. Eventhough in the beginning of the story, its seems like they are having impossible relationship, yeah.. Otaku that looks very nerd with beautiful high-class girl.. The key of success in their relationship is honesty. Yea.. I need to be honest. I think I've been honest through out my life..

By watching this drama too, honestly I'm totally impressed and encouraged to chase my dream besides having a good future with my soulmate. I'd like to recommend this drama to any guys that love watching Anime and currently reading my post! hehe..

P/S - Itoh Misaki is beautiful.. She looks like Nasha Aziz..

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  1. azuwachan11:40 PG

    hoho... never thought a guy like you watch this j-dorama. Not the best I've watched among other j-dorama, but it's okla since I'm also like an 'otaku', hehe... did a research 'bout otaku last year, so I knew what it means really and how the term came up among the J-society. It has a bad history, and ppl always think that otaku=pervert, especially for guys =(