Ahad, Disember 10, 2006


I've watched this movie at MBO Galaxy Ampang. Is this movie going to be box office of the year?

Its my first time watching midnight show, the show begins at 12.15am and I went with my sisters and my father. Yeah, both Cinta and Cicak-Man are movies for families.

Most of us are attracted to watch this movie because of the promotional trailer. Its kinda cool aight? For the first time ever, Malaysian made movies that integrate CGI as the environment, not just effect. I'm totally impressed with the rendering quality where it does look realistic. But too much white during the day and its too dark at night?

Next, I like the comic book montage. Its simple yet it seems like 'Spiderman' or any Marvel Comic books isn't it? I'm still learning to create montage like that.

Hook? The opening part after the montage. Most of the hook scene was featured in their trailer too. FYI, hook are also known as attention grabber. That's why we watch this movie rite?

I hated to watch it when I'm tired. Its a long day for me, going to Low Yat to buy stuff, and I don't have enough rest. Its hard for me to concentrate watching this movies. But still, I want to write a review here :P

What's wrong with this movie? Firstly, it has typical Malay movies' plot. Not interesting enough because it doesnt tell how the superhero evolve and how they do the cloning. Yeah, I know its a comedy superhero but it still should have a better story telling. Something that can make me think about it and say it as rational and logic. 'The Departed' has the best plot for this year.

When I'm talking about weak plot, I remembered one big movie with such a weak plot. Guess what? Its 'The Day After Tomorrow'. Seriously, I'm amazed by the CGI but the plot? Oh my..

One more, serious thing about choreography during the fighting, I don't like it. Its not dramatic enough. 'The Matrix' and 'Star Wars ep.3' are the best example for that

Finally, I'm impressed with this movie because of the CGI. But I believe if there's a sequel, it should be better. This one is an experimental for Yusry I guess. If KRU want to deal with more CG after this, they should invest for their own CG Studio like Pixar's.

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