Isnin, Jun 05, 2006

Gol & Gincu The Series

I've watched the first episode of this drama. Its the continuity of its film, which seems like 'Legally Blonde' but in futsal matters. Anyway, I'm not gonna discuss about the story. What am I excited is about Limkokwing Design School.

Yeah, they promote their institution through this series. With their international level, we can see various races and peoples in this school. But, I wonder, UIA also have a good design school, KAED, with multi ethnics and so on. Its just that, the role of media. They don't like to support those with Islamic identities.

Anyway, I'll follow this series, just to have a glimpse on how Limkokwing students live and design!

Limkokwing University College of Creative Technology Website
Check it out!

4 ulasan:

  1. Tanpa Nama12:10 PG

    hey hi. i love the series also. n the theme song by Ella. but i not really know the song title. can u tell me?
    im a chinese gal frm pg. my name is Min.

  2. hi Min.. thanx for surfing..
    the soundtrack?

    there are mainly two songs..
    Ella - Teruja
    Radhi - Generasiku

    hurm.. i think so la..

  3. Tanpa Nama11:22 PTG

    ohh yes... Teruja by Ella !!
    thanks guys.

  4. Tanpa Nama11:07 PG

    hi, i do like the series. there is other song sang by ella in the series right? beside teruja.. cant anyone tell me the title? it is an old song if im not mistaken.. :D