Khamis, Jun 08, 2006


060606.. its kinda good combination of numbers. Guess what? Actually its my birthday. I was born on 6th June 1986 - 6686. And that date was such a memorable to me. Look, I'm turning 20 now. Ehm, some students thought I'm still young but I need to be older. I need to become matured and wiser.

Here's another combination of number. I'm 20 years old. That Tuesday was 6th June 2006. Let's do some mathematic calculation. 20(years old) 06 (June) 2006 (Year).
That's mean 20062006. Hehe.. what the crap am I talking about?

Anyway, by the moment I post this blog, I've already got 20 testimonials in Friendster. Tonight, I'm gonna have some party with my friends. I'm not sure but we're gonna eat some cake.. (very common).

I wonder if there's no Friendster to remind my friend about my birthday. Then, guess nobody will wish to me. Even they have been notified, we just let it go. I admit, once I love to send testimonials to my friend wishing them, but I stopped.

I wanna thank to my beloved one, cause she's the earliest to wish me through SMS. And of course, the Almighty ALLAH for giving me this chance to live and let me contribute to the world. Amin...

4 ulasan:

  1. Happy Birthday Adlan. Sorry... no present or testimonials 4 you. I didn't notice it was your birthday. So lucky you have 40 pplm wishing your birthday. Moga2 peluang dipanjangkan umur dan dimurahkan rezeki tu lebih cerah :) Tgk la macamana pulak dgn aku punya bufday nanti... Wassalam...

  2. ohohoho... makabaru tau jai ngan adlan sebaya... aku jua yanglebih tua setahun... age is only a combination of numbers rite? ahahha~
    aku rase belum add ko lagi kat frenster kan lan? melepas la ko hadiah drpd aku... ahhaa.... add la aku, search szakif... aku la tu...
    maka adlan, selamat hari jadi, semoga panjang murah rezeki (very common bak kata ko) tapi betul2 berdoa ni! ehehe~

  3. Pehh...It's your birthday!! Well, I now I got three people to be listed in 06.06 for their birthdays..heez.. It's 20 man.. All the best in your future undertakings!

    Happy Belated Birthday!!

  4. Jai.. when did I mention I've 40 ppl wishin for me? there are more than that. I forgot to count my SMSs..

    Zaki.. ok.. I'll add you at fster. Just wait n approve..

    Miss Marqueza.. thanx even u r a bit late.. I've got 1 friend with the same date.. now u have 3.. huhu..