Sabtu, Jun 16, 2007

Shrek vs Pirates

I haven't watch the previous movies of the Pirates. So, I don't wanna make any comparison with the previous ones. In the introduction part, the scene where it is so called Singapore, its kinda reminiscing my history subject. Its not about the pirate called Sao Feng, its the East India English Company. I wonder, is this for real? I mean do the English go that far to fight the pirate?

After thinking about that, I wonder if our local moviemakers can produce such historical yet can instill patriotic spirits to the local viewers. Overall, I enjoy the graphics and the nonsense proposal during the battle.

Next is Shrek the Third. I love watching Shrek since I've been watching from the first sequel of the movie. It has all the elements from fairy tale, romance, action and humour. I agreed with my sister about the others characters. There are so many characters and since I'm not very good in remembering names, I've got confused with most of the characters. Which one's Snow White, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty and there's too many anonymous villains. By the way, both movies is a very light and enjoyable movie for the family.

P/S - Up next, Fantastic 4, Die Hard 4 and Trans4mers. Its all about number 4?

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