Jumaat, Jun 22, 2007

Summer Love

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Its been awhile since I'm blogging about my personal life and its about my love life. Currently I'm dating with one of my architects in multidip project. It takes 2 months for me to get to know each other. Since then, the feelings grows but I kept it close to my heart without telling her.

When the multidip's over, I know I need to express my feelings. So, I just send her a Friendster's message. I do have fear of rejection so on the first message, I've told her how do I feel. I include few songs to describe my feelings such as Summer Love - Justin Timberlake, Because of you - Ne-yo and Hapus Aku - Nidji. At that time, I don't know how does she feels about me.

After few messages and chit-chatting, she told me that she likes me. Since I've been single for 10 months and used to flirt with girls for past few years, I think I need to change and make a first move. I've ask her to be my girlfriend and I've waited for 24 hours for her answer.

She sent some SMSs with few conditions. She wanted a long term relationship, I need to marry her some day, the relationship is pure, blessed by God, honest, loyalty, don't have to see each other frequently, don't brag about our relationship to others (how about blog about it?) and I should stop flirt with girls.

The last condition is kinda hard for me. I told her I'll change myself gradually. It was my lifestyle for past few years and somehow I need to change for the sake of our relationship. So, the date to remember is 16 June 2007, just 10 days after my birthday. I just hope that this relationship will last for good. Thank God for blessing me with this girl.

P/S - not hopeless in relationship anymore

5 ulasan:

  1. miss john8:41 PTG

    alhamdulillah...i'll pray for your happiness in relationship.seronoknye alan no more lonely =)

  2. oh semoga bahagia wokiie.. :D

  3. amboi, amboi cik abang nih. summer love ya??
    anyway, I wish both of you best of luck.
    pasni bleh kamu tlg carikkan utk akak plak, muahaha~ xp

  4. Hopeless no more..profile updates... pray it will last longer... what a sweet summer love =)

    ahah..the lsat condition!that girl seems to know u VERY well eh... keep ur promise dude =)