Khamis, Mei 24, 2007


I've been waiting to blog about this great drama series, Heroes. Just finished watching the last episode for the first season that I've downloaded from the net.

In the beginning of the series, its fun to see how normal people have their own secret power and trying to keep it as their own secret. But later in the story, its getting complicated to see how the relationship among each characters took place.

The visual effect is great especially when New York was devastated and reconstructed. OK, its all about CGI. Its kinda interesting to see the how they place the Episode Title in the environment. In the end, Sylar lives right?

The last episode is full of suspens and its one of the best series in 2007.

2 ulasan:

  1. omg, you got the final episode?? i nak nanti blh? I don't have time to go home and download it.. only have till 22.. pwetty please...


  2. yeargh... but i've come to a point where i think the timeline of this series is chaotic.. but anyhow i do love watching heroes..