Khamis, Mei 24, 2007

AKHI Ibadah Camp

I've joined AKHI Ibadah Camp last weekend from 18 to 20 May with the AKHI kids at IIUM mosque surrounding area. I was the head for Preparation & Technical committee and part time facilitator. This program was fully sponsored by IIUM SHAS Mosque and that's why it was named as Ibadah Camp with the theme 'Ibadah is Fun'.

I can say that the program is another success but deep inside I don't know how far the kids understand the concept of ibadah. For me, its simple. Anything that you do is an ibadah by remembering Allah. Eventhough in the first two days we were lack of committees and facilitators because of exams, the program is quite enjoyable. I love being a facilitator because it will bring me closer to the kids actually.

By joining this program, I've neglected Akademi Fantasia final concert and also my task for MultiDip group. Nevertheless, this coming Monday 28th is the second crit, and its payback time. Let's work harder guys!

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  1. Tanpa Nama3:05 PG

    aku bersimpati dgn apa yg berlaku semasa aku menjadik part time fasi..huhu -hafiz akhi

  2. lan! wa caya sama lu..