Selasa, Mei 08, 2007

Baktisiswa Kg. Pasir

I've joined Program Rakan Muda Wawasan Desa IPT at Kg. Pasir, Kuala Kubu Bharu from 3-6 May 2007. Actually, its just the same as in Kg. Lambor Kanan, Perak last year and this time, its kinda different.

Last time, me and Huzaifah lived with the old parents but this time, me, Ikhwan and Bakhtiar stayed with the whole family including 3 of their children. Our house is the farthest house among the participants. We also need to drive a car because 3 of us won't fit in a motorcycle.

I also have made a few international friends because there are Sevgi and Gulcan from Turkey, Saeed and Yoseof from Yaman as well as Adnan (India) and Miranti (Indonesia). I've learn some Turkey phrase and speaks Indonesian with Miranti n Yoesof.

This time, I have to design and construct the landmark for the village. As usual, its a simple signage but its easier to be constructed if I do it in KAED workshop with the machines. I don't know how long it will last but I think its nice eventhough its kinda odd to see such thing there.

4 days is better than 3 days because we have more time with the family. I slept in the living room and watched ASTRO with the family. Celcom coverage is very poor in Taman Lembah Damai. They treated me as their own family, that's why I love this family very much. I hope I can come again to this place some day.

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