Sabtu, Mac 31, 2007

Long Saturday

Its been awhile since I'm enjoying myself for the whole Saturday. For the last few weeks, I've been spending them for my projects and so on. I'm happy that its over and let's enjoy life to the max!

I went to my former school, SM Teknik KL in Cheras with Shafiqa Ameera, my ex-classmate for this first time gathering for all ex-students. The most senior comes from the year 1964 and the youngest will be 2006 SPM candidates. I don't like on how the organise this event because, there's no official or formal invitation letter. I've got to know it from forwarded SMS and through buletins in Friendster.

I came to show my commitment of my lovely school but the session in the hall is indeed BORING. I only enjoy singing the school song, I thought I've forgot the tune. 1 more, there's no lunch provided. This shows that SMTKL don't have enough fund from the alumni and that's why they are going to restructure the committee members that day. I left the meeting early because I've got other stuff to do. Its quite disappointing to see only 4 of my classmate turn up. Thanks Zuraihan and Amanina for coming.

I went to PWTC to see the exhibition because I thought it will give me some exposure and knowledge for my future design. My lecturer told me that an Industrial Designer should went to many exhibitions to gain knowledge about design as well as current technology that may be featured in our design.

Most of the exhibitors come from higher learning institutions such as UiTM, UTM, USM, UPM and goverment agencies such as MARDI. Its sad to see how IIUM is lacking of research. Its very clear through this exhibition. What's the purpose of displaying a model of aeroplane without any useful information? I'm quite impressed with UNIMAS product design and I guess, its our duty and responsible of Industrial Design student to help the university in doing research as well as contribute them for such exhibition.

I enjoy playing 'brain activity' ball game provided by Pusat Sains Negara. You have to be very calm and ease your mind. From the alpha and tetha graph that I can see, the calm you are, the farther the ball will move. I compete with Pikot and I won 2 times in a row. Its true that through Zikir, you'll become more calm. I did it!

After that, we went together to Galaxy Ampang to watch any movies. We are not that choosy and we just want to have good time together. So we watch the comedy 'Mr. Bean's Holiday'. Its a comedy and I really enjoy it by laughing out loud. Yeah. Laughter is the best medicine after all.

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