Ahad, Januari 28, 2007

Anugerah Filem Pendek 06

I went to Angkasapuri because I was invited as one of the participants in this award. For your information, I've submitted a documentary called 'Kuda Kepang'. Unfortunately, I don't win any of the prizes. You can watch the video in Youtube.

My Documentary - Kuda Kepang
If you still remember, it was my studio project to produce a documentary on local arts & crafts. However, it was in English and the duration is longer than 5 minutes. In order to submit for the award, I need to redo the documentary in Malay version and trim the whole video from 13 minutes to 4 minutes. Besides that, I also had to remove the music and video clips because I don't have the permit. If you don't understand this, I'll upload the original English version of the documentary on Youtube.

My excuses
Why I don't win any of the awards? I can say that the whole process in the paragraph above only takes 2 days before the submission day. Its a very last minute. The script is very clumsy I guess. Besides that, the equipments are not up to their standard. I only produce the video with my Sony Handycam but others with their own production house have better equipments with HD Camera, lightings and microphone. I don't have that because I'm amateur. This is a big event but still can be rewarding.

About the whole event in Angkasapuri
  • I hate when the girl dancers wear that stupid looking wigs. I don't understand the opening dance performance.
  • Its the first time in Malaysia to have their own digital robot host. Its a good experiment I guess.
  • Too many performances from local artist! I almost forgot that I was in the AFP and not in AJL.
  • I enjoyed Adam & Farah - Tak Tahu Antara Dua and Pretty Ugly's Diari Seorang Lelaki. This performance is better than in AJL last week.
  • I met some UIA students and we have our refreshments together after the event
  • Congratz to all the winners! You have inspired thousands of people out there to produce better short films.
  • I bet in the future, its gonna be better in term of quality and seriously, its a prestigious highly competitive event of the year!

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  1. fullamak!!! thumbs up for you!!
    don't worry, next year buat yg lagi bagusnyer short film, ok??!gambatte kudasai!!!

  2. huyyooo pawa gile masuk national event. Musti ko boleh menang punye nati. Taun dpn masuk agi aaaa