Isnin, Disember 18, 2006

Kg. Lambor Kanan

Its a three days program in Kampung Lambor Kanan, Perak. I was one of the participant in the Program Rakan Muda Wawasan Desa IPT 2006 in Perak state level. So, what's the program is all about?

In UIA itself, the program sounds more like 'Baktisiswa' where a bunch of university students (siswa) will contribute (bakti) to the villagers and old folks in a village. Each student will become their adopted children and they have to stay and live with the villager's citizen.

Actually, its my first time joining such program in UIA. I was with Huzaifah, both of us living in the same family of Mr. Ayat and wife. He's 72 and I'm more likely to call him 'Tok/Grandpa' than calling him 'Bapak/Dad'. Since my parent's hometown are also in Perak, I don't have much communication problems with them eventhough sometime my 'dad' speak Perak slanga that I couldn't catch.

So, hows the program through out these 3 days? Seriously, its very short. I was the head of Preparation & Technical committee while Huzaifah was the assistant of Program Coordinator. Both of us have lot of things to be done. That's why we couldn't spend much quality time with our 'parents'. I'm terribly busy preparing the landmark, or so call 'signage' for Ridzuaniah Mosque with Sofiy.

One thing that's sounds funny is that, my 'dad' has his own hardware shop and I was the one who design the signage. Its kinda coincidence where both of us working as supplier and constructor. I know, its such a memorable thing in my life where I have to finish the structure within 2 days. If only we construct the whole thing with enough facilities in workshop, its gonna take lesser time.

But wait, there's no multimedia committee for this program. That's the problem when they know that I have multimedia skills.. I was also the multimedia committee and I need to prepare the presentation for the last day closing ceremony. So, all in one word.. HECTIC!

On the other hands, my friend told me that.. why the ministry wanted to put on this program in such a hurry? Its just because its the end of year and they want to finish the budget that was allocated for them. Yes, they can finish all the money given but they forgot the spirit inside this program. I never felt the spirit. I don't feel anything and its not what I expect to have on the last day.

I'm totally jealous where some other participant, whose are not in charge as committee, they seems to have fun and having quality time with their families. What else? I'm pity my program coordinators, Shikin and Huzaifah, where they have prepared with master plan for the whole program, and unfortunately, the representative among the villagers messed the program with their own tentative. Its not systematic and not professional. Its hard to change their mentalities in a short time..

But there's also the good thing beside gaining new experience. I've expanded my network among students from Rakan Muda Secretariat and I need to have better knowledge in design as well as constructing them together. Guess, that's just a bit of what I've been through last week.

P/S - pictures will be uploaded later!

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