Khamis, Ogos 24, 2006

Privatisation of Mahallah

Recently, I heard about the privatisation of mahallah or residential colleges. There was a meeting from the IIUM authority regarding to this idea. And in the same night, I was conducting a meeting with fellow Akhianz about edu visit.

On the next day, my friend who attended the dialogue told me about that matter. He said that IIUM have been supported financially by the government around 70% and IIUM Properties provided 30%. In the future, they gonna reduce all the cost from the government and therefore, UIA will become absolute private institution.

Now, let's change to another thinking hat. I talked to my mum and she said its normal. As we can witness in many companies in Malaysia, initially they were supported by the government and when they think they are strong enough, they will let go the government support to move on their own. That's when they go into privatisation. Yeah, I remembered when I've learned 'History' during my school days.

By the way, there are some pros and cons about privatisation. Try and look at Uniten, Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and MMU, they are all private higher learning institution and I wonder what's the future holds for UIA.

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  1. does this privatisation of our campus will affect kuantan campus oso? hope not... pray pray~

  2. Huhu..those multimedia thingy is killing me! I have to make one sample in less than 12hours!! it's like I did not sleep doing that stuffs.. thanks for those softwares..