Khamis, September 07, 2006

Convest 06

Convocation Fiesta or better known as Convest among UIA students, this time has proven that this is the biggest event in UIA. Combining several major program under Convest, all I can say, this time its a big hit! What the crap I'm talking about? I'm impressed by the organization this time than last year. For more information about it, you can check Convest Website.

The arrangement of the overall booths and stalls is good because it allows traffic so that visitor will walk through most of the stalls. I mean, no more unvisited stalls like last years. As if it persuade visitors to get inside and also watch the drift show off performance. Its the first time for Convest to organize drifting events as well as the first ever Battle of the Band for talented UIA students' bands. I don't participate because 2 of my bandmates are UTM students.

Nevertheless, the Convest@stage event has aroused some negative comments among students where its maybe the first time to invite local bands and celebrities. Hey, its the URTV mini concert anyway. It just seems like 'Jomheboh' closing concert on Sundays. I just don't give a damn because I'm into all this stuff.. hedonisme!

Mock Trial, organized by law students on Monday 28th Aug, is my first time watching it. All I can say is that, Law students has talent to become a good actor/actress instead of lawyer, judge, advocates etc. For those who missed the show, the 'Deadly Deed:To Heal or To Kill' storyline is just the same like the movie 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' but in local Malay version.

Finally, the 'Ambang Merdeka' celebration which held at Male Sports Complex in order to celebrate National Independence Day, no comment on that. I didn't go to the stadium because I need to finalize the Maxis Cyberlinq Website Competition. I'm one of the webmaster for IPT category representing 'Censerve Team'.

Overall, Convest is a great event and I want to be one of the organizing committees next year! Good job guys!

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  1. there are more bad things that i heard from people about convest than good things... hm~ why uh? but the concert to me was unnecessary...

  2. Heh, no need to be convest Comittee. You`ll hurt yourself. Its kinda sadden me when all your effort is joked by politics.. SHIT. >;( .

    Hey, there is only 2 'sub'-things that 'quite' negative (not-so-Islamic), other than that? Why there is no comment about that?? ... politics, huh.. >;(

    If and only IF you be the coming CONVEST committee, prepare your self to get hurt.. and do it as "gempak" as this year, bcoz next year i`m gonna grad, and i wanna my CONVEST is the GEmpak ever!

    peace-man.. no-hard-feeling ! ;)