Sabtu, Julai 08, 2006

Taaruf Week July 06/07

Its been a tiring week for me, working as multimedia committee for Taaruf Week July Intake 2006/2007 session. Initially, we were told that around 800-900 will register. But there are approximately 1060 new students for this July intake including ex-matric students, direct intake students, teachers, polices as well as oversea students.

About the induction course, we went to Perlok Recreation Camp Centre (PRCC) in Sungkai, Perak for 3 days 2 nights and we have lots of activity instead of just discussion and presentation. Its my first time tubing or better known as rafting on tubes. Eventhough the water is not very deep but it still a new experience for me. I'm looking forward for more challenging activities.

Since it was located in the middle of a jungle, no handphone coverage except for Digi 016 and 014. Why in the rural area, Maxis and Celcom sucks? Besides, durian is everywhere around the camp. So I ate lot of durian because its the beginning of durian season. My oversea friends thought that tempoyak was a dhal because of the colours. I couldn't imagine if they ate the tempoyak because they couldn't stand the durian smell itself!

About Taaruf Week, from preparation to the end of the end of cultural show, I'll just point out some trivia..
  • I've explored Flash MX a lot and I couldn't resist to prefer Flash than SwishMax. For Knowing You Knowing Me multimedia presentation, I've done 6 of the committees committee introduction; PC, DnI, Prep & Tech, Registration, Special Tasks and Multimedia.
  • Its the first time in the Operation Room to have wireless network. Even we can connect to the internet for free! Thanks to the ECE wifi access point.
  • I only stayed at backstage for once! No more pressing 'next' during Powerpoint presentation because we have wireless presenter device
  • At other time, I'll help other committees doing their job but I'll take camera as if I'm capturing pictures. Its what Multimedia committee will do.I hate staying in the freaking cold OR room for hours.
  • Its my first time performing on stage playing bass guitar during the cultural show
  • I've got my short semester result and my current CGPA right now is 3.29
  • I've missed lots of drama series that I've been watching since the short semester because of this taaruf. Its not important for me anyway since study is my priority in this long semester!
  • I wrote this post because I'm having a break after Taaruf, starting from tomorrow, I'll have another 2 weeks of working as Humanitarian Week multimedia central committee (again?)
Whatever it is, working in this committee is fun and I'll promise to join again for the next semester. I wonder if I can work under different committee?

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  2. haritu kan, ade orang tak kenal aku~ huhu~

  3. aiya.. jgn la kecik ati..

    nnt nk gambar yg amek waktu family day!