Rabu, Julai 19, 2006

Accident or Suicide?

There was an accident at UIA Mosque and one guy was died. It was 11pm and I was in Humanitarian Week Operation Room. I was about to take my dinner and suddenly I heard siren sound of an ambulance. What was it? I saw some people hanging around at the mosque and I bet there must be something.

That was on Tuesday. Today, I've met my friend, Saiful Hazmi. He's a Task Force member and he told me the 'real' story behind the tragedy. I believe his story because he was there. According to him, 1 African-American transfered student together with 4 oversea female students was climbing up the mosque minaret. They reached the mid-point of the minaret and they want to go farther. The boy lead the group and he stepped on a plastic platform and that's when the accident occur. The plastic platform collapse and he fell down terribly, bouncing along the staircases' handrails.

He added, when he wanted to examine the body, he's likely boneless. Yeah, too much cracks here and there. Even he twisted the body 360 degrees. After awhile, security guards arrived and quarantine the perimeter. Ambulance arrive and took him away. After Zuhr prayer, Imam at the mosque conduct jenazah prayer for him.

The morale of this tragedy is.. be careful. I also did some tresspassing but we have to be careful and safety first!

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