Ahad, Jun 25, 2006

Third Layout

Its my third blog layout design. Its 90% completed and there's only few stuff that I'll take care of them later. Some colour corrections perhaps.

This time, I've inspired my concept from cars. Suddenly, I was very into cars as Proton Satria Neo was just released, followed by two car movies such as Disney's Cars and Fast n Furious: Tokyo Drift.

By the way, I wanna promote you guys one cool website. Its totally made out of Flash. Make sure you have fast broadband connection and use IE instead of Firefox. Again, its Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift official website. Cool animation and transitions, with video clips and lots of information, you will deceived by it looks. I almost think that I was playing a computer game. I wish I could produce one cool website like dat.

2 ulasan:

  1. hm~ lan.... many things missign here, including ur blog title! hope u'l fix it as soon as possible~

  2. yeah.. i hope i have more time to correct those error.. anyway, the content is more important that the layout itself! please read n give ur thots, not on just my design!