Selasa, Julai 25, 2006

Humanitarian Week

Humanitarian Week. Its a central event with 6 spectacular sub programmes such as exhibition & blood donation, cultural stage performance, family day, national seminar, video corporate project analysis and appreciation night dinner. This event combines 10 clubs/project from CENSERVE Team such as AKHI, Caring Club, Karisma, Gemilang etc.

I was the central committee for multimedia (again?) and my work is not that much compares to Taaruf Week stuff because I'm the head of multimedia. So, I just asked my sub comm to do the flashes for the backdrop of some programmes. Special thanks to my new friends from Karisma Club; Jennifer, Shazwani, Laila, Laily and Zanisa. Its fun working with you guys.

For multimedia, what have I done? Not much. Just some flash advertisement for library jumbotron (its just plasma tv), capture some videos at blood donation, exhibition and cultural performances, doing e-backdrop for cultural stage too and as well as teaching Laily and Zanisa on how to create flash with SwishMax. Now that's what important in working as multimedia committee. You see.. they start with zero about flash. But I do appreciate their commitment to learn and produce a good flash even its just for e-backdrop. Besides, its easier to learn with an expert rather than exploring by on your own. I also currently looking for expert in After Effects. Anyone out there free to help?

Why AKHI Project was losing during the family day? I agreed with Roy that AKHI members was involve as committee and we don't have enough members for certain games. Anyway, I hope for the next time, we can play rather than being a committee. Lack of members is another issue. I've been thinking on the future of AKHI project. Some of the main boards will grad and ... (currently speechless) Its depend on you guys to be active and support this club. Let us be united.. in the frame of strong iman and ukhwah (like Roslan's song).

By the way, AKHI won the first runner up for the musical competition at cultural stage. I'm sorry because I'm taking some time to compose the song. If only we have more time to practice and synchronizing the song, I'm sure AKHI can win that night.

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  1. caring club also faced the same problem where most of its main board involved in the family day as committees. i as head of caring club contingent really poning how to get members to participate. but alhamdulillah there were some friends of mine who wanted to join my contingent. thank god!

  2. Help!!! I was appointed to be multimedia committee for Theatre Week (without my own willingness!) suggest me softwares that u usually use to do those multimedia stuffs like b/drop, mmedia presentation, etc..

  3. as usual..
    to create flash with powerpoint interface - swishmax

    to create better flash
    - flash MX..
    - flash 8.0 is the latest one

    others.. graphic design
    - photoshop cs2
    - illustrator cs2

    3d text in flash
    - swift 3D
    - xara 3D