Sabtu, Jun 03, 2006

AKHI: Arts & Sports

Firstly, I hope you enjoy the new song, 'WAWASAN AKHI'. By the way, I just wanna tell you guys that, about the video clip. It was not my voice. Its my friend's voice. I'm not a good singer, always sings out of tune/pitch. I'm good at miming technique. :P

I'm looking forward to record that song in a proper surrounding, yea.. studio recording. I'm looking for talented male voice.. I think sis Amy has a good vocal.. Hehe.. I'll practice the song with my band and I'm considering of doing second version, the melancholic version. Fast beat and melancholic... both for different environment and emotion..

About futsal match on last Friday, yea.. I did play but I hope I can play better next time. What makes us lose that day? I think, instead of fitness, maybe the strategy and lack of training.. I dun wanna talk much bout it. Bro Najib and Bro. Yazid has elaborate bout this, right?

P/S - AKHI = male futsal team.. how bout UKHTI = female team... yea.. we have numbers of girls in AKHI right? OK, if its not futsal, then play netball perhaps!

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