Rabu, Jun 14, 2006

Finally, its a break!

I've just finished my test. I only have 3 final exam which were Tilawah 2, Bahasa Melayu Kerjaya and UNGS Islam, Knowledge and Civilization. I think I can score these courses except for UNGS. I've got very low carried marks. The same thing happen on previous semester for UNGS Islamic Worldview. I used to slack on my assignments.

Eventhough, I'm not taking KAED courses this semester, I still busy going back and forth to KAED. For what? I'm visiting my client because I was requested to compose their multimedia presentation. FYI, AQS1031 Multi-disciplinary course is a real life project where each group will compete their design and the winning group will have their design built inside UIA. Some of the previous projects is KAED bus stop and grand stage at river side CAC (not built yet). This time they designed a scenic tower which shall be built at Mahallah Nusaybah and a kiosk near underground tunnel at Econs (on boys college side)

So, what am I saying here is that, I'm composing the multimedia presentation for 'Tebarlayar Holdings' group, and it was the presentation for client, IIUM Development Division. Its my first time using FLASH. Yea, its real flash stuff. No more Swishmax. Thanks to Syahiran for giving this opportunity for me to explore using Flash. Eventhough I've to submit that on the same day I have final exam, I manage to finish it! Yeay!

Here's the opening montage for Tebarlayar Holdings. My first Adobe After Effects product.

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  1. owh.. this post is exactly the same like your frenster's blog rite? hohoho... ur so rajin ma!

    anyway, all the best for the multimedia presentation! :D