Isnin, Julai 04, 2005

I'm in Gombak now...

Heh.. nothing much to post down here. Just wanna tell you guys that I just registered on Saturday, got a college in As-Siddiq with some strangers and now I've been in the Taaruf Week, more like orientation week.

So, UIA Gombak is kinda cool and better than Matric back in PJ. So, I hope to see all my friends down there here with me, be good and good luck for your studies. May ya'll came to this beautiful garden of knowledge and virtues. Don't just stuck by the gateway..

p/s- my first time at a cyber cafe in gombak.. in Mahallah Ali..

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  1. wah... kawan aku ni dah ke gombak pun akhirnye; )
    n sampai ati ko biar aku terkial2 sesorang kt pj tu..! grr...x-(
    well, Gud Luck dude!!!