Sabtu, Julai 02, 2005

The most busy moment in my family

Yeah.. its the most busy moment happened in my family. Its all happen in a short week.

1. My parents and my auntie went for a holiday at Brisbane, Australia.
2. I'm going to register to IIUM, Gombak campus
3. My younger sisters wanna go for Cheerleading Competition at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil.
4. My older sisters wanna register for their university.

So, its kinda hard for us. To take care of the house, the transportation, food and all the necessary living skills. Planning is very important because if you fail to have a good plan, then you are planning to fail. (Where did I got this quote?)

P/s- its good because we are growing up and learn all the living skills..

2 ulasan:

  1. wah... kawan aku ni dah ke gombak pun akhirnye; )
    n sampai ati ko biar aku terkial2 sesorang kt pj tu..! grr...x-(
    well, Gud Luck dude!!!

  2. kikiki......
    tersilap tempat la plak aku post comment tu!!!