Sabtu, Julai 09, 2005

At last.. the taaruf

Phew!! For the last seven days.. in ta'aruf week in IIUM Gombak has ended. What a relieve but for me, its kinda one of the memorable event in my life. I'll buy the multimedia CD because I bet its gonna have my pictures and my friends in there.

Eventhough alotta people will fall asleep during ta'aruf, I try not to, because this is my first lesson before going to the lectures hall. Try not to sleep anymore. Besides, the multimedia technology here in Gombak is far more advance than in Matric.

The most important is that, the combination of two Kuliyahs, between KAED and BAR for the cultural night, have won the first place for the performance. Simple storyline, hopeless actors, and good values, i guess.

We also had come up with the cheer by the song 'Adam - Tak Tahu' and there was a line like 'BAR KAED nombor satu'.. thats what give us the spirit to win eventhough we are totally integrated and dislike each others and we did it for fun.

P/S - I'm thinking about Salikin, my BAR friends who's still in Matric

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