Ahad, Mei 08, 2005

Bus fare

Lately, the price of the petrol is increasing again. Then, when I was on my way back to my home, I take Metrobus. When the conductor approaching me, as usual, I'll pay RM1.20. But, I need to pay RM1.50. If I take a ride from PJ to Kotaraya, it will cost me RM2.00. Whoa.. dat's a lot of raise (previously RM1.20)

At home, I read newspaper. The government affirm that bus and taxi shouldn't increase their fares. Hmm.. but they already did.

P/s- I hate when the price increased...

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  1. okay...maybe you should just write in malay if you're english is not good...cos sorry to say it doesn't look like it's improving much.