Ahad, Mei 08, 2005


Sembilu drama series had a great impact on my life.. Why?

1. I bought Celcom Xpax 019 top-up card. Then, I got the Limited Edition 'Sembilu 2005' top-up card. There was a picture of Vince and Hetty Sarlene as they were the main character in the movie..

2. It was Tuesday night and Sembilu drama series is aired at 9pm on TV2.

3. I watched TV3 gameshow, 'Sempurnakan Harimu' and in the Bonus stage, the contestant had to figure out the picture of the celebrity. The host had given clues like: an actress and singer, from Singapore and Sembilu. Then, he can't give the name of the actress. Yeah, the celebrity was Hetty Sarlene. The main character of the drama.

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