Rabu, Mei 11, 2005

MUET speaking test.

"my muet speaking test is sucks..
u know what.. in the main hall, it was really cold
and i started to shiver.. then in the oral room, i
started to get nervous.. my legs keep shaking and i
dunno how to stop it.. even i cant brainstorm the
points.. wargh...!!!! tension seh...
even my heart beats very fast, when its my turn to
speak, i play it cool.
but i don think i hav a strong or good points.. even
the others candidate don understand me.. i dunno
why bcoz i used to simplify my points... damn!!
forget bout it.."

my advice to you all..
- dun be like me
- read newspapers a lot
- try to argue with people

p/s - damn!

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