Rabu, Disember 22, 2004

Peace Forums

Hmm.. peace in Palestin and other Muslim countries. Eventhough I don't like these topics, but as a Muslim, I should have know something about what happen to my brothers far away from my hometown.

The first is Tears of Palestin, we have 2 speakers. Ustaz Maszlee told us about the history of Palestin from prophet Muhammad s.a.w.'s companions era until today. I was impressed because he managed to remember every single detail such as names, the Greek leaders, dates and so on. Why am I impressed? It is because I hate studying history and I admit that I have some trouble in memorization. Thank God my course don't do much memorization instead of design.

Another speaker is very experienced and he is from the 'Global Peace' Malaysia. He showed us some digital pictures in Palestin and Lubnan. And before that session ended, they launched Humanity Fund to support the Palestinians.

Another forum was held the next day. This time, the moderator is well-known Nizal Mohd, from TV3. My friend told me the he is a husband to a lecturer here. Well, I dunno about that. I found that he is very interesting and talkative moderator. We have 3 speakers that nite, a doctor from UKM, lecturer from IIUM and another one is from 'Global Peace' Malaysia. This forum is kinda interesting because of the speakers presentation and the climate in the hall is sort of interesting too..

Adlan: SMSing during listening forum.

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