Isnin, Disember 20, 2004

Charity Concert

BEN,IRKSS and AYC held a charity concert at Al-Malik Faisal Hall featuring Brotherz and Mirwana. I never thought that I am going to watch a nasyid charity concert. I was insisted by those girls.. BEN girls.. Nazlin. You better watch out.!! Haaha.

At first, I already acknowledge that Yasin won't be there and I was surprised that Brotherz is now a trio. But there was one singer who seems to look like Yasin. His colour, face, hair and singing style yet he is very passion in his feeling towards the song that he sang. Brotherz had impressed me with their performance and vocal, I admit that. When I started to feel a lil bit boredom, they started to perform 'Alhamdulillah', song from Too Phat. I'm a lil bit into hip hop and I was totally enjoy that nite. Eventhough that 'Yasin' had tried his hard to rap like Too Phat, he still having some problem with breathing control.

Mirwana, a group from Maahad Hamidiah Kajang, is some sort of a boyband but they are delivering new tunes for nasyid. We would never expected that they are nasyid group. But, I totally love the song 'Hikmah Kembara' because of the song. However, I some sort of sad because my friend who is from the same school as Mirwana, did not like this generation of Mirwana. Instead she like the same batch as hers. Hmm.. whatever.

Instead of performance by popular group, I also enjoyed the special performance from BEN and IRKSS students. BEN students just recite some poem with some backup from the keyboard player, Fairuz and hey.. I knew all the performers because I happen to see them rehearse the day before. But, I'm totally sad because I laugh out loud when the nasyid group from IRKSS performed. The vocal sang like out of tunes and.. I just lough all the way they sang. I'm regretted because they are delivering some sort of dakwah but I just laugh at them.. So regret...

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