Khamis, Disember 30, 2004


Actually its Puisidra (Drama with Poem Recitation). But I just called it Puisi-Dera because its seems like Drama that Torture.

I wanted to see the play and my God, the hall is already crowded. I managed to get a ticket as a representative for my student society. My seat was just next to the scooter that the Dean used to ride into the hall.

From the beginning of the play, I totally cannot hear what are they talking about. The sound system is totally in a deep trouble. Besides, the movie clip is not very good. Hey, I can do better than that. For the 2 hours I don't get the sub plot and the main actor and actress do not appear as the main actor. The plot is totally confusing me. But I do respect their effort to bring this drama to life. OK, keep up the good work guys!

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