Ahad, Disember 19, 2004

Muslim vs Muslimah?

I went for some forum 'Muslim Idol' & 'I am a Muslimah..'. Well, from the title we can say that 'Muslim' refer to a man and thats why I can see there are a lot of guys there. But as we know 'Muslimah' refer to a woman and no wonder there are a lot of girls than guys in the hall.

In 'Muslim Idol', we have 2 speakers, Ustaz Wan Sohor Bani Leman and one muallaf, Bro. Lim. I forgot his name. About this Ustaz, you would never see him joking around if you watch in on television or in radio. But when you watch him live, he's very simple guy yet very knowledgeable. Another speaker who is a muallaf, he is chinese and I can say that he is very open-minded and he used to give some... provocative statements yet its TRUE. He is totally very passion in conveying the words of Islam and he is very rational. He told us how to convey to non-muslims such as chinese etc.

But, truly, sadly, 'I am a Muslimah..' forum is not as good compared to 'Muslim Idol'. Just after one round, the moderator had open the question session and the moderator seems not suitable to be a moderator. One speaker, Ibu Azlin was very experienced in conveying Islam in Europe and another speaker, Kak Sofia, she stood up when giving her talk and she tried to relate something else with Islam. but as she relate it more, I become more confused. It doesn't help much. Too much talk, but I didn't get it all. Its ok.. its just my opinion.

PS/ why there are one active speaker and one passive speaker in a forum? of course both speakers very talkative..

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