Selasa, Disember 11, 2007

Taaruf Week Nov 07/08

From left: Ecah, Me, Hashimi, Syed (standing) and Joey.

Salam. After few weeks not updating this blog, seems that I'm busy with the university life. After KTM programme, I joined Taaruf Week November 2007/2008 intake. Its been one year since the last time I joined taaruf.

Actually, I was invited by the programme manager herself, sister Analia whose a good friend of mine since we've known each other from last 2 taaruf that I've joined. Once I told her that somehow I know she would become the PM for taaruf because she had joined taaruf more than 6 times. Usually the officer will consider this as the qualifications, isn't it?

By the way, I've imported into the multimedia committee and now I've become the sub committee again. What is the best thing about being a subcom? The thing is that, I can only focus on my work to be done without having to think about others unrelated stuff. I was the head comm on last year's taaruf. I've redesign the backdrop together with the scripts using Flash 8. Besides that I've also prepared the montage of Multimedia Bureau and Sports Bureau for the Knowing You and Knowing Me slot. If you wanna take a look those videos from Taaruf week, feel free to visit my youtube website.

Its been a year since my last taaruf, so there are many new faces. It took me around 3 days to get to know them and befriend with them. Its OK. People in taaruf come and go, registered and graduated, that's how students life right?

I'm afraid this gonna be my last taaruf since I'm looking forward to do freelance or part time job starting this short semester. I'm also going for practical on the first next semester. If there's a time, I'm surely gonna join taaruf for the real last time, Insya-Allah.

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  1. johnna4:32 PG

    wah..u did mention my name..terharunye!!nway..glad to have u and lulu as well as others during taaruf nov 07/08..sempat jugak kite ber3 join altogether kan?really hope that our frenship will remain forever n ever...amin..

  2. I Z Z A H2:49 PG

    yeah,tercapai sudah impian the three of us to join ta'aruf together..u said that in my blog less than a year ago..haha.. God-willing,wut can i say.. =)