Ahad, September 23, 2007

Tribute to my grandpa

It was 20th September. I was in my room where suddenly Syairazi, my cousin called me. He told me that my grandpa was just passed away. Then my mother SMS me about it. He died at 11.16am and I need to go to Ipoh for the funeral. My mum and sisters come to UIA and we went straight away to Rapat Setia in Ipoh. We arrived at 4.30pm just before Asar prayer and the Jenazah prayer.

Then, he was buried in Rapat Setia muslim cemetery. Its very sad to see him left us but we all gonna miss him. After this, I'll be having my Eid Fitr with no more grandpa, I used to call him Atok. He's not having the good or happy ending in his life. But I hope all the conflicts in my big family will end for good, call it husnul khatimah. Let's recite al-Fatihah for my Atok and let's pray so that he will live peacefully in hereafter.

This picture was taken last year during his visit to UIA. Its also another sad news knowing about the murder case of Nurin Jazlin just the same day, 20th Sept.

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  1. salam...condolence to u n ur family..the way u wrote really touch me...anyway..selamat hari raya aidilfitri..plz come to my home....!!ipoh o.k...em,,ur atok however had a chance to visit UIA...but not for me..both atuk died when i was small..:(