Rabu, Ogos 01, 2007

KAED Fest 07

Finally, after doing preparation for months, I'm glad it's over. Thanks to all committee that contribute to the success of this event.

Here's just a few stuff that happen that day. Half of the exhibition seems like belong to my department. Pandora's Box is simply confusing, terrifying and I love it. There are more of them but I ain't gonna report bout that here. However, bringing KAED Fest outside of KAED has its own pros and cons.

Every cloud has silver shining and it was raining during KF but it helps my umbrella business. Its just so much thing to tell here. But since I'm the Program Manager, there just too many thing to handle. I need to know most of them from A to Z but sometimes I miss from B to Y. Got me?

By the way, its my first time being a program manager of a central event. I still remember that I've blog about other events last year and I wish to become someone in this position. Its was in the Cool or Hot Events post last year. It was my first time and I made lots of mistake. I've learn lot of things through KF and its kinda fun actually handling programs like this. I hope that with this experience I can involve in more interesting events before I've graduated.

After KAED Fest, I involved in Pesta Pantun MAKUM as Head Committee for Multimedia bureau. Its a big but not as hot as KF. OK. Guess too much events to handle. Can I stop busying myself from now? I need to concentrate on studio projects somehow.

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  1. Tanpa Nama11:27 PG

    hmm...patutla anda muncul mlm closing tu... head comm rupanya.. tak penat ke?? huhu..aku da xmmpu da nk mencapub sgt sem ni!