Isnin, April 23, 2007


I've just started my short semester this Monday 23rd with only one subject, which is Integrated/Multi-Disciplinary Project 1 which is also known as 'Multi-Dip' among students. Its all about getting students from various departments such as architecture, landscape, quantity surveying and arts & design to work in a group and compete for the best design.

There are 16 groups which consist from 15 to 16 students. The first 8 group will design a project which is so-called 'Convocation Square' in front of the CAC building. Currently, students doesn't have good icon or sculpture or something that can reflect UIA after the convocation ceremony. Even in UiTM Shah Alam, the place is very crowded and there's no such interesting point of view in capturing the moment.

The rest 8 group will have a so-called 'Jogging Park' along the riverbank in UIA. It would be more landscape work in this project. The budget for each project should not exceed RM100K, that's a tough work for the QS students. I'm in group 12 and we haven't decide our group name yet. With the capacity of 5 handsome guys with 11 brilliant girls, I hope we can get along with each other and enjoy ourselves with this project which last for 8 weeks. Besides that, our group leader is Amirah from Architecture. I wonder if other group also selected a girl to become their leader.

I'm glad to be in the group with the people I have fun working with. Izzati, Syafii, Idwan and Akmalulhaya. I wonder how my life will be since I'm staying off campus for this short semester. Nevertheless, comparing to the last year, each group will work in a classroom, not in studio as the last time. So, the space is quite smaller and there might be less decoration in the class.

I hope I'm doing the best I can in my group work and I wonder what's the result might be. The important is the journey, not the result. I've forgot who's saying this quote.

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  1. haha... it's me who said the quote =p no la, just joking.

  2. Salam, heh...dah pi dah kat web ko srh aku pi tue...pastue nk watpe plak?...aku nk wat cam ko gak ade strip for comments kat tepi tue...camane yek?