Sabtu, Februari 17, 2007

AKHI Taaruf Camp

It’s the first camp for the year 2007 with the objectives to mix and let mentor and mentees know each other. The event took place around IIUM SHAS Mosque on 17th and 18th February 2007.

So, here’s my short review about the camp. I was late on the first day but its OK because they group keep on reshuffling in order to achieve the objective. I’m impressed with the new facilitators where they have their own unique approach in conducting the LDK or modules. By the way, there’s one newbie which is totally eye catching. Ooops!

How about the kids? There are many new kids on the block and some of the girls are cute too! However, people are vary and its kinda testing our patience and skills on how to handle hyperactive kids.

The first day is really tiring. After the night walk session, I fall asleep soundly at the mosque. The next day is just the same but is kinda sad when I’m leaving my group during the reshuffle session. FYI, I’m quite surprise to see one of the kids was selected to be on ‘Macam Macam Aznil’ talk show in the ‘Anakku’ slot.

In short, I really enjoy my weekend with those kids after having too much pressure on the Friday’s studio. It’s a good start for this year and I can’t wait to see the kids again in the next program.

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  1. sounds interesting.. btw, applied art is my third choice after, pure and qs.. see ya in gombak.. ;)