Selasa, Februari 13, 2007

Sex Education

I attended the National Conference on Sex Education- Issues and Challenges on 10th February which was held at Banquet Hall in Rectory Building. Actually, I attended this conference because I want to replace my absent in my Parenting and Family Management classes.

So, what its all about? Most speakers present the paper work about the issues, challenges, statistics about sex knowledge among students, legal perspective about sexual harassment and many more. I like the final speaker; he’s a doctor who’s an expert in sexology. He talks freely and very outspoken about what’s sex is all about.

Can you define what sex education is? Most of us might think about how to do sex, pregnancy etc.. The thing here is that, sex is the art of loving and living. You have to know how to love someone and how to live and build a healthy family together. Sex is more than making love. Through this conference, I’ve opened up my mind about the importance of implying sex education in schools and universities.

I like this quotes, “We are not gonna let the porn movies to teach our young generation about sex” and imagine in the near future when you have your own family. What will you answer when your children ask, “Where do I came from?” or “How mom got pregnant?”

You see, its very simple question. I don’t know how to describe about it here. But I think that I can reflect to the American Pies’ trilogy where there’s one very understanding father. He’s very concern about his son and always gives moral support about sex. But its on the western perspective. We have our own Islamic approach.

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