Ahad, Januari 07, 2007

Port Dickson

UIA had sponsored the Ta'aruf Week committees with a 3 days 2 nights all expense vacation to Port Dickson on 5-6 January.

First Day
So, the bus departed at 6pm on Friday. Since I'm having a presentation that day, I planned to depart at 8pm with Toyota Unser. Its 4 boys and 4 girls (plus a driver = 9 people) crammed in the MPV. It took around 1.5 hours from Gombak to Hotel Seri Malaysia, Port Dickson.

No event on the first night. We just hanging out at food stalls while having shisha. Its been awhile since my last spoof. Then, I feel like a bit dizzy and all I wanna do is to sleep. Why am I feeling such tiredness that nite? because of too much shisha? Hahaha.. I'm not a smoker, then maybe I'm not used to it.

Second day
I woke up late (as usual) and I have my breakfast few minutes before the cafe's closed. In the morning, we have to discuss about the Taaruf. What's good, what's bad, how is it beneficial etc.. Then I asked my sub-comms to insert all the Taaruf Week CD into the plastic case. These CD will be distributed to all committees that night.

I'm feeling a lil bit down on the afternoon (plus a bit lazy to socialize). So, I just staying in my room alone and watching TV. I wonder when's the last time I watch cartoon.. its like I've left my childhood life for quite some time. I've watched Sonic X and Initial D.

In the evening, after I've refreshed, I went to the beach. Now its play time! I played some volleyball and futsal. Its really enjoyable. I also went into the ocean to swim and sink. Its kinda nightmare to me when out of a sudden, the water rises instantly and I'm hardly feel the sand on my feet. That's mean its getting deep and I need to reach the beach which is around 400 meters from my point. So guys, be extra careful when you are swimming in the not too steep beach.

That night, we are having barbeque as well as karaoke session. I was the emcee but I didn't sing a song. Next, the CD distribution to all committees and after having supper outside, I just stay in my room, watching Angelina Jolie's 'Life or Something Like It'. Its kinda freak if somebody on the street told you when you're gonna die..

Third day
I woke up late as usual and after packing up our stuff, its time to go home. We departed after lunch and finally we arrive at UIA around 3.30pm.

So, all I wanted to say about the all expense trip by UIA is that, instead of spending some money for such vacation, why don't UIA give us extra allowance for being a committee. The money is not in yet, but I think we're only gonna get RM75 for working around 2 weeks. Can you imagine if they give us RM200 or more but don't spend the money for vacation? Not all committees could make it that day..

P/S - I need more money!!

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  1. my leg got cramped once when I was swimming at teluk kemang (near PD), hoho... all my relatives, especially my parents and my cousin got scared.
    It was years ago and I still remember it...