Ahad, Disember 31, 2006

2006 Recap

Its the last day of the year 2006. Tomorrow, its 2007 and 2006 will be history. I don't wanna post about 2006 recap here, just few topics beside summarizing my 2006.

Resolutions.. Do you still remember what you've got in your mind on the 1st January 2006? What goals you're wishing for? If you've read about my resolutions here, I'm wishing for..

1. Expand my network in UIA
Yeah, I did. I've joined lots of program such as Taaruf, Humanitarian, Ummatic, KAED Fest etc.. I've managed to gain more friends from various Kulliyahs. My life's feel good because eventhough they're only greet when you come across them, but its better than walking without anyone recognize you. Sometimes I feel like celebrity where they call me by my name but I've forgotten theirs. I'm not good in remembering names. Sorry guys.

2. Contribute more to the community
Yes, mission accomplished. I've done it through AKHI Project and CENSERVE Team. I've contributed my design and multimedia skills to many university's programs. I've also has brushed up my communication and leadership skills through these programs.

3. Gain ideal weight
Hehe.. guess its not achieved yet. I'm still underweight. My Body Mass Index (BMI) doesn't reach 20 where its the ideal index. I only gain around 5 kgs throughout this year. Its just a matter of gaining 6 kgs for ideal weight.

4. Serious short term relationship
I've did. Our relationship only last around 1 month and 10 days. Its quite short rite? Why it ends up so soon?

Now, let's turn to serious topic.

Earthquake & Internet
It was Wednesday when my lecturer informed me about the slow internet connection due to the earthquake. I don't believe it but when I've tried at ITD on Thursday, yes. Damn slow! Its hard to connect to the international server. Some of my favourite websites are Yahoo!, Google, Friendster and Blogspot. I only can open Yahoo but I couldn't check my emails. Besides that, local websites such as UIA and Utusan don't have any problems. Its such a nightmare if you can't use the internet when your business totally depend on them.

Floods & Global Warming
Its quite scary when you thinking about the future. Just look at the flood in Johore itself, luckily most of my friends' house survived the flood. I remembered the movie 'The Day After Tomorrow' when the global warming effect such as storm, typhoon, flood and earthquakes happens and the climate changes. I don't know what the future holds for me. Let's pray for a better future from now on.

Last but not least, I'm wishing Eid Adha to all my readers and hope you enjoy your holidays. See you next year!

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