Ahad, November 19, 2006

Camping at Sg. Congkak

Its AKHI Self Preparation Camp at Sungai Congkak, Hulu Langat Selangor. Its my first time going for a camping and sleeping in small tent. In the previous camping program, we have to sleep in dorm or hostel and I really appreciate this time camping.

Since its AKHI Project programme, of course we bring together the school kids to have fun like us. The good this is that, its not an academic based camping for them. They are having school break and we also just finished our exam, that's why we really enjoying this time being together.

  • Its my second time being in Sungai Congkak. My first time was when I was in primary school
  • Some of the activities with the kids are having fun with moduls for outdoor and indoor activities. I was the facilitator for 1 group with 8 kids.And my assistant is Sis. Iza and Sis. Syarah. Thanks girls for assisting me!
  • The place is really dark at night. The next time, we should request for the generator with the pendarfluor lights. It doesn't cost much at all.
  • Jungle trekking is the most challenging ever. The path is clearly the less traveled route. Its my first time also got leech on me. But, I'm very careful where the leech is not quick enough to suck my blood and I've managed to throw them over
  • The kids are cute, lovely and adorable. All I can do is to support them academically and morally so that they will become a good person in the future. I really enjoy my time with them. Can't wait for the next mentoring programme probably this January 07.

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