Isnin, Oktober 23, 2006

Shopping Raya

For the whole weekend, I went for shopping raya. All that I want for this raya is just a new pair of baju melayu. Since my family has agreed to take green as the theme for this raya, I've been thinking for a long time on what kind of green that can suit me best!

Let's recap! On 6th October, Friday, I went to One Utama with my friend for break fast (berbuka puasa) and while wandering in the big shopping complex, suddenly I saw one baju melayu near Parkson outlet. Yeah.. its Thai Silk fabric which looks like it has two colours upon reflecting lights. The colour was in olive green. So, I made up my mind since that day, that I'll buy this baju melayu.

On Saturday 21st, I went to Parkson KLCC to see if there's the same baju melayu as I saw in OU. Unfortunately, there wasn't any baju melayu and the sale assistant told me to go to Parkson Sungei Wang. They do have some baju melayu but there's no green coloured one! Before I returned home, I went to Wisma Yakin at Jalan Masjid India to see if there's any last resort for me. They do have but the price is quite expensive.

On the next day, Sunday 22nd, I went to One Utama again with my sisters to buy the baju melayu. Unfortunately the olive green one only has S size which is quite small for me. I looked at the designers' tag, it's John Master. Then I try to look for the same attire at Jusco. Finally, there's one left and the size suits me well. Eventhough its not the same olive green, but I prefer this one because the green is more vibrant and stylo! Hehehe.. after I've got what I want, I accompanied my sisters to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman shopping area to buy their baju raya..

I don't want to upload the picture now. Just wait until the big day to come!

The lesson here is.. take note on what's the designers' label is so that it will be easier to get the same item on other outlet.

The last tarawih prayer

Its the worst Ramadhan in my whole life because I only performed 5 times of tarawih prayers. I told you already, its all because I only giving full attention to my studio projects. So, the good thing about the tarawih is that..

I went to tarawih prayer on the 1st Ramadhan and the 30th night. So, there's only some vacancies between the two. Yea.. plus another 3 times in between of them. The conclusion here is that, I'm consistent! Not just going for the early weeks, but I also don't forget to go in the end of Ramadhan. unlike others who are very passionate in the early days where the mosque is very crowded and sooner, less and less people come for it..

So, this is not what I like. I bet for the next year, I can cope with my studio projects as well giving attention to my spiritual aspect.

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  1. ala... baru terfikir nak demand ko letak gambar baju tu, dah kena sound awal2 ko akan letak gamabr kemudian~ moh sket aku nak tengok stylo camne yang dimaksudkan tu~

    BTW, this new template is better i think~