Sabtu, Oktober 21, 2006

Devil Beside You

I've watched this interesting Taiwanese drama because my friend borrowed me this story. Its kinda interesting. Here's the synopsis, taken from

Mike He and Rainie Yang play a couple who often quarrel with each other. Mike is a young man who doesn't know how to express his love for his girlfriend, a lively girl played by singer Rainie Yang. To complicate matters, their parents are planning to marry each other, making them stepsiblings. Apart from the idols' handsome faces, their dramatic acting is also what appeals to the Taiwanese audience, making Devil Beside You the most loved Taiwanese romantic TV series in 2005!

I like this romance comedy drama series. I even finished watching them during the week I have to submit my umbrella design. Just imagine how addicted I am to this series. By the time I'm blogging this topic, ASTRO on AEC channel had already broadcasted the 11th episode of this series. I love watching Rainie Yang! She's so cute and adorable!

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