Sabtu, Ogos 12, 2006

KAED Fest 2006

Kaed fest is one of the most anticipating event in UIA besides Convest and Taaruf. Why?

Through my observation, as a committee, KAED Fest is an open day event for KAED compares to AIKOL fest, E-Fest and FossCar. We invited participation from public as well as inviting other design schools to our Kulliyah such as UiTM and UTM. I cannot compare with the previous years KAED Fest because I wasn't there that day.

I was the head committees for sculpture competition (previously known as art comp.). Since I was very busy working for my studio project, the documentary of Kuda Kepang, I'm hardly conduct any meeting with my sub-committees. We only have our discussion during lunch break at cafe or anywhere we met.

Some fun facts!
  • I finalize the master plan the night before the event while watching performance night event at KAED Auditorium.
  • I'm not feeling very well that Saturday because I've got cold. Very poor. Wrong timing!
  • Initially there was only 5 groups registered, but another 3 comes from UiTM and my junior studio.
  • Students from other Kulliyah associated KAED Fest with the House of Mystery (Rumah Hantu)

In the end, I'm glad that my event was ended eventhough its an ad hoc management. Its fun being a head comm. as I can give instruction to my sub comms. I'm sick of being a multimedia committee all these while..

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