Jumaat, Disember 16, 2005

IPAC 2005

IPAC stands for Islamic Performing Arts Concert. What do you expect from this kind of entertainment? I think the concert can bring us closer to the God by celebrating the Oneness of Allah, besides observing the general prohibitions as Islam urges.

Okay, its 3 nights event but I only just drop by around 5 to 15 minutes because those 3 nights, I have other commitments. For the closing ceremony, they invited Ramli Sarip as guest artist. I've seen him performing live at Angkasapuri last time, but I even didn't show up for the event because my kulliyah (faculty) held Eid gath.

However, I have mixed feeling towards this event. Firstly, I'm irritated by the IIUM band because they don't notify me about it. Its okay if they don't want me to perform, but I'm glad if I'll be the next generation of the band. Hey, they will graduate and there should consider this thing! Anyway, I'm glad I'm not selected because I'm quite busy since KAEDians is popular with projects.

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