Isnin, Mac 21, 2005

Final Exams

Time passes so fast and I don't realize that this is the end of my second semester. Hmm, still thinking and reminiscing on what I've done along this semester. A lot of things happen in my life and some of them are good and bad.

Now, let me talk about the exams. I sit for english speaking test on Wednesday, english writing test on Thursday, Basic Themes of Quran on Friday, Intro to Environmental Sciences as well as Information Technology (ICT) on Saturday.

Then, I went back home with a lot of stuff. Yeah, I only bring home items that I want to keep, while I left some useless items. Haha.. Now, I'm only have 2 portfolio days and one more written exam, Intro to Built Environment on Friday. After that, it'll be my holiday.

Adlan - What's next?

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