Khamis, Disember 16, 2004


RAFEST (Raudhah Festival) 2004 formerly known as Matric Mega Carnival (MMC) for previous years, but I dunno why they (MSCC) changed the event name. But of course I guess the objective is still the same. Its to teach clubs/societies members on how to manage a program, negotiating with superiors and so on.

This event will be held from 13-23 December and a lot of program will be held under this event. Such as forums, talkshow, exhibition and stall. I also involved in Yaumul Usrah (Family Day) under the collaboration of my club, GCC with other clubs that are ARC, McHuSS and MSES. I'm a committee of Publicity & Protocol, but I honestly say that I couldn't become any active because I have a lot of constrain from my core course subject.

Its okay for a busy student like me to hold a title even a single committee. I dont wanna be a head committee.

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