Khamis, Disember 16, 2004

Forum Adam & Eve

I went for a forum at AMF hall last nite. The title of the forum is 'Love at First Sight'. Well, I admit that IIUM students do need to know the right way to fall in love and the right way to build a long lasting relationship.

Even I had a lot of experience in couple relationship, but I guess I'm still apart from the right Islamic teachings in creating long lasting relationship.

At the hall, I can say that, 4/5 capacity is from the sisters' side. Why? I guess girls do need to know more about relationships and of course, girls are more serious in it. But guys like me is just loved to flirt around with girls

At least, I had something from the forum. It's kinda exciting and I dont feel bored staying in the hall for more than 2 hours just for listening. But, I hope my friends can join me, but they're just too busy with their routine. Eat, play, talk... etc.

But, I totally regret on what I've done before to the girls I know. Why I cant stop be kind to them? Like the one I used to send her SMSs and treat her good, I'm afraid that she will fall on me...

I need to fix this situation.

4 ulasan:

  1. "I'm afraid that she will fall on me... "
    if she does, the causal is u..because you gave her chance to fall in you. she might perceive ur concerns and nice treatment as a hint tht you are trying to win over her. why you have to treat her so nicely as if you are about into something more than friendship if you aren't?

  2. hehe.mcm klaka plak bace entri 4 taun lepas ini. rajen plak trini bg komen ye.

  3. Trini, hehe. that was the main intention and that time. Being kind and good to her to win her heart. OK. its my fault then. hehe..

    Myss, yeah. you still can read all of my older post. but don't get sick of it. too much of bad side of me that day. trini saje je komen. myss pun rajin komen gak?!

  4. oh saya mmg rajen.
    yup have read all ur older posts time wat 'homework' dlu.oops.sick of 'em? no komen k