Rabu, November 01, 2006

Banned Website

Friendster and Myspace have been blocked!

As far as I concern, this two website has been blocked in UIA computer labs.
What else? Why did they block these websites?

I heard about it one week before Eid Mubarak from my friend, Johnna. At that time Sis Zakiah from S-DEV also had confirmed that even S-DEV office also suffer the same circumstances.

But since I haven't experience that until today, while I was checking my mail, of course its a routine to check my Friendster simultaneaously. Then, after I enter Friendster's URL, the page goes to the "Yahoo! Search Result for Friendster". I tried to click the available link at Friendster.com but it doesn't work. After that, I tried to enter Myspace.com. The same Yahoo! Search Result came up.

Why did they do this to us? From my observation, most student spend lots of time in the computer lab for this purpose, cyber networking, for hours maybe! Then, someone who really want to do his/her assignment or research urgently cannot use the computer, give suggestion to the ITD Division to ban these websites. Hmm.. its just my theory.

So as we know the consequences.. what can we do? Cybercafe will gain its popularity again since there's no limitation of these websites there. Right now, its OK for me because I'm using the internet at home. Then, I couldn't correspond with my friends in UIA if they used to use the computer lab. Its kinda burden for them to use the cyber cafe. Money! I even couldn't check out my friends' blog.. those who blog in Friendster. So, let's change to other blog engine!

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  1. not yet in mciium.. may be after this.. ;)

    blogspot is much more better :P

  2. Tanpa Nama2:28 PG

    My opinion, due to this case(chewah). Probably it is kinda stupid thing that the administration do becoz to them probably to them it just something that sort of waste of time but this network giving student joy(I guess so) to search for more new friends. And also we can leave testi 4 our friend that is in UIA coz we haven't have lot of time to see each other especially if U r KAED student. We have the right to surf any webpage that we want becoz we paid to get this services instead.
    Not we are using the lab for free.
    This is bullshit...
    This issue must be review again coz nothing gonna stop us from using the network
    we have still got CC to go.