Ahad, September 24, 2006

Ummatic Week

The Multimedia Presentation for the Closing Ceremony

Its another central event in UIA, the Ummatic Week which give opportunity for most oversea students to introduce their country's traditional customs, costumes, dances, arts, crafts etc through exhibition and performance stage.

What's with me? I was invited by lovely sister Alawiyah from Thailand, to become multimedia committee for the closing ceremony. Some of the VIPs are the ambassadors from other countries and here's some of my review about the closing ceremony.

It was very chaotic situation at the backstage, with all the backdrop, music, sound effects, video and other visualization. As a multimedia committee, I need to make sure everything that the audiences watch and listen is in the perfect timing and so on. 1 memorable mistake is that, I forgot to turn off the screen saver. Guess what is it? Its a screen saver with lots of hearts and some word saying "Happy Valentine's Day".

The next thing is that, communication is a big issue here, among oversea and local students. Eventhough we used to speak different language, english is the main medium through out this program. I admit I speak some Malay just to get them confused! By the way, networking among committees is quite bad. I even don't know who's in charge in other things. Finally the system of organizing event in UIA besides the attitude of the oversea students towards the local ones.

The post mortem? It sucks! It sucks lot of time. All I wanna do is sleep because for the 2 nites before, I don't get enough sleep because of my studio projects.

By the way, I'm glad that they love and give compliments to the multimedia presentation that I've provided. Eventhough the situation is very tight that night, I take it easily and calmly, but some people hate it! Actually, the experience in 'Taaruf Week' has taught me how to handle those stuff efficiently.

P/S- I love getting to know with more oversea students!

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  1. hm~ aritu aku pegi, agak sedikit cuak pasal keadaan sangat riuh rendah! macambukan kat malaysia pulak kat luar CAC tu... ghohohoh... aku tau ko kalo buat presentation mesti gempak...