Ahad, Mac 26, 2006

Final Exams

I think in this semester, I only sit for 1 core course final exam and other 3 were just university required courses. Its kinda relaxing because instead of Tilawah 1, UNGS 2030 and Halaqah 2, I only sit for History of Islamic Art. I have 10 days to prepare for that final paper on this 5th April.

Anyway, since the gap is quite long, I've decided to have my revision at home. Currently I had transfered most of my stuff back home and it seems that I rejuvenated since I haven't blogging for awhile and I've changed my layout at Friendster. I still stuck with the earthy tones as in my final project, I've applied Zen concept in the interior design project.

Actually, I'm not only taking 1 subject. For other subjects, they only need us to submit the assignments for the final assesments. E.g. Computer Graphics - Illustrator assignments, Photomedia - photography project, Community Project - mural painting project, and finally my Studio project.. all the studio projects of course.

Anyway, I need to score in all those assignments because my pointer for previous semester is not good enough. I hope I can make it to 3.5 at least.

Till then, I'm wishin those who gonna sit for finals, all the best and remember that God will always help you, whether you realize it or not!

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