Selasa, Januari 24, 2006

Mid Term Break

UIA is now having its mid term break. But I went back home a little bit late because I have AKHI Project mentoring session and I need to finish my third pottery artwork at workshop on Monday.

How am I supposed to enjoy this break? Sleep until noon? I'll try to avoid that. Instead, I have lots of things-to-do. From studio projects, presentations, and internet resources things to be published.

Hope I can finish all the things I want. Feel free to check my video collection at youtube and some of the updates photos archive at fotopages.

By this time, my PTPTN loan just left RM15 and its kinda weird when other IPT students just got their loan and I've finished mine. Uhhuh, I only got partial loan.. No wonder.. Just a short message to ya'll: Spend wisely!!

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